Agilent 1100 Binary System

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Advertised price: £15995

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Agilent 1100 Binary System
Item 1100 Binary
Manufacturer Agilent
Price £15995
Warranty Various Warranty Options available

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This 1100 Binary system comes complete with OQ Certification.

  • This G1312A pump has been tested for faulty parts such as seals and check valves
  • This G1314A detector has been tested for wavelength accuracy
  • This G1313A ALS has been tested for area of reproducibility
  • This G1316A oven has been tested for temperature reproducibility

This Agilent 1100 Binary reconditioned HPLC system is a true alternative to buying new. 35 years of experience servicing and maintaining UK blue chip pharmaceuticals means we have both the skillset and longevity to pass on these value alternatives to you...

System includes fully serviced

*ChemStation & DataApex Clarity Data Systems also available.

Our inventory is constantly updated, so if there is an 1100 configuration that we do not feature, please make contact and we will happily provide a quotation based on your requirements.

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