LC-2010C HT Integral Module

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LC-2010C HT Integral Module
Model LC-2010C HT
Item no st4471
Manufacturer Shimadzu
Available 2
Price £19,850
Warranty 12 month RTB Warranty

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This LC-2010HT integral module is comprised of a degassing unit, low-pressure gradient unit, pump unit, mixer, ultra fast autosampler, column oven, and a UV-VIS detector with a thermostatted flow cell.

Warranty Terms & Conditions For Used Equipment (Jaytee Biosciences Ltd) warranty all reconditioned instruments for a pre-agreed period. This period can be from 30 days to 1 year from the date of installation / delivery of the instrument. Generally newer equipment has a longer warranty than older equipment.

Additional warranty periods can be negotiated at the time of purchase if required.

The list below outlines the items covered by our warranty:

Parts Included In Warranty

  • Electronic Assemblies – e.g. PCB’s, Transducers, Interface Cards
  • Mechanical Assemblies – e.g. Pump Drive assemblies, XYZ Transport Systems
  • Power Supplies – e.g Low and High Voltage Supplies, Lamp Supplies, Cases, Metalwork and Enclosures.
  • Major assemblies – PCB’s, Power Supplies, and Displays etc covered for warranty term.

Typical Parts NOT Included In Warranty (Integral Modules)

  • Wetted Path Components
  • Software Updates
  • Tubing and Fittings
  • Capillaries
  • Consumable Parts
  • Tools

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High Throughput Autosampler

The high-performance metering pump can precisely measure sample volume with no sample loss. In addition to superior repeatability (within 0.3%RSD*1) and low carryover (within 0.01%*1), the capacity and speed are greatly improved with this High Throughput Autosampler. Two sample racks for 1.5mL vials are equipped as standard.

Sampler cooler

A direct cooling mechanism with Peltier elements provides for efficient and rapid cooling. The newly designed dehumidifier prevents condensation.


A small-volume, high-efficiency 5-line degasser is incorporated to remove dissolved gases in mobile phases and in the rinsing solution of the autosampler.


Pulse-free solvent delivery is achieved by utilizing Shimadzu's proprietary micro volume serial double plunger design. A newly developed Dynamic Inlet Valve (Pat. Pending) greatly improves flow rate stability and gradient performance.

UV-VIS Detector

Thanks to the lowest baseline noise (±0.25 x 10-5 AU or lower*1) ever, higher sensitivity analyses are achieved. The standard temperaturecontrolled cell reduces the influence of room temperature fluctuations on absorbance and gives a more stable baseline. A mercury lamp is built in to check wavelength accuracy.

Column Oven

The block heating-type column oven can heat and cool up to two columns. The temperature deviation is minimized by a double temperature control mechanism. The advanced Column Management Device (CMD)*3 can be used to easily manage column information.

System Controller

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Wizard function make it easy to operate the LC-2010HT.

Reservoir Tray

The Reservoir Tray can accommodate six 1L bottles. Documents and small tools can be stored in the drawer, too.


Large Sample Capacity

The LC-2010HT can handle up to 350 1mL vials or 210 1.5mL vials*4. When microtiter plate racks are used, up to 4 microtiter plates can be accommodated for continuous analysis of max. 1,536 samples.*5 Deep Well plates can also be used. Two separate sample racks are used so that you can load samples in a rack while analyses are performed on samples from the other rack.

High Speed Injection

Injection time per sample has been greatly reduced. Just 15 seconds* are required from start to finish for unheard of high-speed sample injection.
*For a 10µL injection volume

High-speed analysis.

Seven analyses are completed in 15 minutes thanks to high-speed injection and an ultra-fast column. This enables major improvements in analysis throughput in the field of drug discovery.


Multiple data are managed in one block with optional CLASS-Agent Manager**.
Required data can be easily retrieved from a mass of data as analysis data is automatically loaded into the database.
**Standard component of optional CLASS-Agent software.

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*1: Under the analytical conditions determined by Shimadzu
*2: Standard for the LC-2010HT
*3: Optional item
*4: LC-2010AHT
*5: When 384-well plates are used

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