Waters Acquity UPLC Systems

Acquity UPLC Systems


Brought out in 2004, the Waters Acquity UPLC system pioneered ultra-precision liquid chromatography, with sub-2-micron columns and advanced instrumentation & fluidics modules.

Offering higher sensitivity whilst increasing analytical speed, Waters then introduced their 'H' Class in 2010, aimed at easing the transition from traditional HPLC methods. Incorporating quaternary pumping & the addition of 'Flow-through needle' (FTN) technology, users achieve UPLC performance and its benefits without fundamentally modifying workflows.

Key benefits of the standard Acquity UPLC Range

  • Modules include:
    • Sample Organiser (SO)
    • Column Manager (CM-A)
    • Heater/Chiller (CH-A / CH-30A)
    • Binary Solvent Manager (BSM)
    • Isocratic Solvent Manager (ISM)
    • Sample Manager (SM)
    • A range of detectors: Diode Array Detector (PDA), Extendable Diode Array (eλPDA), Fluorescence Detector (FLR), UV Detector (TUV), Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD), Refractive Index Detector (RID)
  • Easy HPLC to UPLC method conversion with the Acquity UPLC console calculator
  • Support for existing HPLC methods
  • Chemistries and formats to suit specific analytical tasks, including Acquity UPLC 1.7 µm columns, VanGuard pre-columns or Acquity UPLC HSS and HSS T3 1.8 µm columns
  • Easily compatible with third-party MS solutions (ABI/MDS SCIEX, Bruker Daltonics, and Thermo Fisher Scientific)

H-Class - Quaternary based UltraPerformance

In order to achieve true UPLC performance, system dispersion needs to be matched to the peak widths in narrowbore columns packed with sub-2µm particles. Just because systems are designed for high pressure applications, they are not necessarily designed to deliver the sharp peaks associated with true UPLC performance: Acquity UPLC H-Class technology solves this.

Key features of H-Class

  • Flexibility of multi-solvent blending with the Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM)
  • High-precision injections with direct inject sampling Autosampler with Flow Through Needle (SM-FTN)
  • Accurate temperature control across the entire column, 1 to 6 columns
  • Low-dispersion detection capabilities with a wide range of detectors that have been optimised for true UPLC performance
  • Supported in Empower, Masslynx, UNIFI, and several 3rd party software packages

Available Systems

Please view our current systems below - all complete with Operational Qualification certificate and 12 month warranty for a fraction of the new price.


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