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System Details

Agilent 1200 Systems

These Agilent systems comes complete with OQ Certification.

  • The pumps are tested for faulty parts such as seals and check valves
  • The detectors are tested for wavelength accuracy
  • Theautosamplers are tested for area of reproducibility
  • The column ovens are tested for temperature reproducibility

Warranty Terms & Conditions For Used Equipment

Note: Our warranty terms quoted for this system apply to mainland UK customers. For clients outside of this locale, please enquire at point of sale. (Jaytee Biosciences Ltd) warranty all reconditioned instruments for a pre-agreed period. This period can be from 30 days to 1 year from the date of installation / delivery of the instrument. Generally newer equipment has a longer warranty than older equipment.

Additional warranty periods can be negotiated at the time of purchase if required.

The list below outlines the items covered by our warranty:

Parts Included In Warranty

  • Electronic Assemblies – e.g. PCB’s, Transducers, Interface Cards
  • Mechanical Assemblies – e.g. Pump Drive assemblies, XYZ Transport Systems
  • Power Supplies – e.g Low and High Voltage Supplies, Lamp Supplies, Cases, Metalwork and Enclosures.
  • Major assemblies – PCB’s, Power Supplies, and Displays etc covered for warranty term.

Typical Parts NOT Included In Warranty

HPLC Pumps

  • Plungers
  • Plunger Seals
  • Check Valves
  • Check Valve Cartridges
  • Frits
  • Purge Valve
  • Solvent Filters
  • Gaskets
  • Wash Seals
  • Degasser fluid parts
  • Gradient Valves

HPLC Detectors

  • Cell Assemblies
  • Cell Rebuild Kit
  • Lamp Assembly


  • Needle
  • Needle Seat
  • Needle Seat Holder
  • Rotor Seal
  • Stator Face
  • Isolation Seal
  • Plunger
  • Plunger Seals
  • Syringes

GC Autosampler

  • Syringe
  • Liner
  • Septa
  • Jet
  • Ferrules
  • Column Fittings
  • Gas Filters

Gas Chromatograph

  • Syringe
  • Liner
  • Septa
  • Jet
  • Ferrules
  • Column Fittings
  • Gas Filters


  • Wetted Path Components
  • Software Updates
  • Tubing and Fittings
  • Capillaries
  • Consumable Parts
  • Tools

Fully serviced, OQ and warrantied ready for your lab.

Mix and match from the following options:

  • Agilent 1200 G1312A Binary Pump
  • Agilent 1200 G1314B UV Detector
  • Agilent 1200 G1329A Standard Autosampler
  • Agilent 1200 G1330B Sample Chiller
  • Agilent 1200 G1322A Solvent Degasser
  • Agilent 1200 G1316A Column Oven Chiller
  • Bottle Tray


  • New PC
  • ChemStation (enquire for options)
  • Training
  • Up to 1 year on-site warranty (on site in UK - enquire for Europe/RoW)

As an ISO Guide 34 accredited organisation, we are fully audited, and as such, comply to strict procedures throughout the reconditioning and configuration process.

These systems are the only 2 available so please enquire now with your full requirements and we will provide a quotation to suit your needs.

We have fulltime engineers based throughout the UK and Ireland, so if installation is required, please enquire and we will happily quote.

Installation option available. Please note that all prices quoted are exclusive of UK VAT.

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