Jasco OR-2090 Plus Optical Rotation Detector

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Jasco OR-2090 Plus Optical Rotation Detector
Model OR-2090 Plus
Item no st4867
Manufacturer Jasco
Available 1
Price £2,495

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This OR-20090 chiral detector measures the angle of rotation of plane polarized light caused by optical active isomers and is useful for chiral compounds with no absorption. It uses a high intensity Hg-Xe arc lamp (150W) providing a strong output in the UV-Visible region where the largest optical rotations offer the highest sensitivity.

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In industry, these compounds are widely used as original materials for pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, agricochemicals, cosmetics, foods, and beverages.

It is well known that optical isomers of these compounds often exhibit totally different biological activity. One offers a favorable effect to human body while the other can offer a dangerous or unknown effect.

Optical isomers have to be separated, detected and fractionated in order to investigate the biological activity of each. An HPLC system including a chiral separation column and a chiral detector is essential for such research work.

The OR-2090 can easily be interfaced with the JASCO HPLC system using EZChrom Elite™ Software.

Operating voltage: 230V

As per the photograph, this chiral detector is in excvellent condition - please contact us for full details.

Installation option available. Please note that all prices quoted are exclusive of UK VAT.

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* This Jasco OR-2090 Plus Optical Rotation Detector comes with an Operational Qualification Certificate, and has been tested for wavelength accuracy.

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