Acquity UPLC Systems


Brought out in 2004, the Waters Acquity UPLC system pioneered ultra-precision liquid chromatography, with sub-2-micron columns and advanced instrumentation & fluidics modules.

Offering higher sensitivity whilst increasing analytical speed, Waters then introduced their 'H' Class in 2010, aimed at easing the transition from traditional HPLC methods. Incorporating quaternary pumping & the addition of 'Flow-through needle' (FTN) technology, users achieve UPLC performance and its benefits without fundamentally modifying workflows.

Our stock is comprehensive enough to provide a range of options to suit your needs. Our pricing takes in to account the age and performance of each module, incorporating warranties that offer full peace of mind. Perfectly suited to partnering LC-MS, we also provide a number of single and triple quad instruments that together with an Acquity offer a total solution. See the full MS range at our sister site

    Modules include:

    • Sample Organiser (SO)
    • Column Manager (CM-A)
    • Auxillary Column Manager (CM-Aux)
    • Heater/Chiller (CH-A / CH-30A)
    • Binary Solvent Manager (BSM)
    • Isocratic Solvent Manager (ISM)
    • Sample Manager (SM)
    • Sample Manager Flow-Through Needle (SM-FTN)
    • Sample Manager Fixed Loop (SM-FL)
    • A range of detectors: Diode Array Detector (PDA), Extendable Diode Array (eλPDA), Fluorescence Detector (FLR), UV Detector (TUV), Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD), Refractive Index Detector (RID)

    Key benefits of the Classic / I-Class Acquity UPLC (Binary) Range

    • Easy HPLC to UPLC method conversion with the Acquity UPLC console calculator
    • Support for existing HPLC methods
    • Chemistries and formats to suit specific analytical tasks, including Acquity UPLC 1.7 µm columns, VanGuard pre-columns or Acquity UPLC HSS and HSS T3 1.8 µm columns
    • Easily compatible with third-party MS solutions (ABI/MDS SCIEX, Bruker Daltonics, and Thermo Fisher Scientific)

    H-Class - Quaternary based UltraPerformance

    In order to achieve true UPLC performance, system dispersion needs to be matched to the peak widths in narrowbore columns packed with sub-2µm particles. Just because systems are designed for high pressure applications, they are not necessarily designed to deliver the sharp peaks associated with true UPLC performance: Acquity UPLC H-Class technology solves this.

    Key features of H-Class

    • Flexibility of multi-solvent blending with the Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM)
    • High-precision injections with direct inject sampling Autosampler with Flow Through Needle (SM-FTN)
    • Accurate temperature control across the entire column, 1 to 6 columns
    • Low-dispersion detection capabilities with a wide range of detectors that have been optimised for true UPLC performance
    • Supported in Empower, Masslynx, UNIFI, and several 3rd party software packages

Available Systems

Please view our current systems below - all complete with Operational Qualification certificate and 12 month warranty for a fraction of the new price.


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